Environmental Protection with Bosch eXchange

The savings made on materials, CO² and energy through Bosch factory reconditioning amount to 50% more than those for newly produced products.

Bosch eXchange saves energy, raw materials and CO₂*

The savings made on materials, CO₂ and energy through Bosch series remanufacturing amount to 50% more than those for newly produced products.

* Compared to newly produced products

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    Quality that Protects the Environment

    By remanufacturing of used products, Bosch not only conserves materials and energy, but also reduces pollutant values. That’s how CO₂ emissions are reduced by 25,000* tons a year compared to newly produced products. In other words, around 1,923 hectares of European forest would be needed to convert this amount of CO₂.

    • Material savings of nearly 90% through re-use
    • Energy and CO₂ savings of over 50%
    • CO₂ emissions reduced by 25,000 tons per year
    • The amount of CO₂ saved is equal to around 1,923 hectares of forest
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