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  • Product information

    Magic Effect and Rallye: Automotive bulbs to meet specific requirements

    Magic Effect: Colorless turn signal bulb that glows orange when switched on

    Thanks to a special interference coating, the Magic Effect turn signal bulb appears colorless when switched off, and then turns orange when switched on. In this respect, it is particularly popular for use in clear glass headlamps. On top of that, it also impresses with a service life which is double that of standard turn signal bulbs.

    Rallye: Robust automotive bulbs for off-road use*

    Bosch automotive bulbs from the Rallye line stand up to high demands – for example in agriculture and forestry or off-road racing. Their high light output and robustness give them particular appeal.


    * Only for use where road traffic regulations do not apply, use on public roads is not permitted, no ECE approval.


  • Application

    Magic Effect

    Used as:

    • Turn signal


    Used as:

    • Headlamp bulb
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