Silicone-Power Program

Silicone-Power Program
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  • Product Information

    Bosch Silicone Power ignition cables: safety and performance.

    Bosch Silicone Power ignition cables are especially designed to be replacements for vehicles that have been factory-fitted with resistance ignition leads.

    They feature cable and grommet insulation made from 100 % silicone, which offers more reliable protection than the cheaper PVC and is less harmful to the environment.


    The plug connector in this quality product is made from rustproof steel, with both the ignition coil and distributor plug being made of either rustproof steel or brass. Bosch then adds a “posi-lock” ring-clip for a totally secure and safe connection.

    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Cable and grommet insulation made from 100 % pure silicone for more reliable protection
    • Distributor and coil connector made from high-grade EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) synthetic rubber
    • Long-lasting, unbreakable core
    • Outstanding interference suppression with isolation and corrosion-resistant plug connectors